Outdoor chairs in patio area near Oslo's Munch museum
Outdoor chairs in patio area near Oslo's Munch museum

Furniture and design

Freedom to create

Lamps in different colours and finishes – Jotun

Beautiful colours and finishes

Whether you choose a metallic effect or solid colour, high gloss or deep matt, smooth or textured finish, you can be sure that our products will protect your design and keep your vision alive for longer.

Outdoor furniture in the rain

Protection and durability

Our powder coatings are engineered to increase the life expectancy of your products through scratch and mar resistance and to preserve their beautiful finish over time.

Pink powder coating being applied to a furniture – Jotun

Efficient application

At Jotun, we have a variety of powder coatings that can help you make your vision come true as efficiently as possible - without compromising your desired finish.

Featured products

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Powder coatings

Guard Style

A range of powder coatings that enhance the value and appearance of coated objects.

  • Higher aesthetics
  • Flexible curing schedule
  • Wide range of colours and textures
Powder coatings

Reveal Edge

A unique range of powder coatings with special colours and metallic effects.

  • Bonded metallic effects
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Available in wide range of colours​
Powder coatings

Ultra One

A one-coat powder coating solution for a long-lasting premium finish for MDF and HDF products.

  • Powder coating for engineered wood MDF/HDF
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Smooth and fine texture finish
Powder coatings

Ultra Shine

A line of powder coatings that provides a high-quality, bright metallic mirror effect.

  • Mirror effect
  • Environment-friendly alternative to traditional chrome plating

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