Jotafloor Car Park Solutions

Our Car Park Floor Coating Solutions offer the ultimate protection to concrete floors which are subjected to the long stress produced by the constant wear of vehicular traffic, abrasion and harsh weather. Our solutions are not just durable but beautiful floor coatings for your entire car park including basements, mid-levels, ramps and rooftops.

Jotafloor Industrial Flooring Solutions

Our Industrial Floor Coating Solutions offer superior protection for food processing facilities, factories, warehouses, automotive workshops and more. They include the required durability to protect your floors from impact damage, abrasion, chemicals and temperature fluctuation helping you maintain a damage-free, clean and hygienic work environment.

Excellent mechanical properties

Our Jotafloor solutions are created to ensure your floors are protected over a long period of time with built in excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to harsh weather, chemicals, and abrasion.

Easy to clean

We understand the importance of always having clean floors, and our Jotafloor solutions were created with this in mind, allowing you to ensure they are easily cleaned often even when using strong chemicals.​

Water resistant

Your floors will continuously be exposed to quite a lot and water is one of the elements your floors will be exposed to the most which is why our Jotafloor solutions include water resistance as a key feature.

Exceptional technical service

Our Jotafloor solutions are backed by our highly skilled technical support team, making sure the product is delivered exactly the way it is designed giving you freedom to take on any floor coating project.

Jotun Jotafloor Filler Logo
Floor coating

Jotafloor Filler

A solvent-free, two-component epoxy filler that helps cover imperfections in concrete floors.

  • Superior compressive strength
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Non-shrink
Jotun Jotafloor PU Topcoat Logo
Floor coating

Jotafloor PU Topcoat

A high performance, high solids, non-yellowing, isocyanate-cured polyurethane coating.

  • UV resistance
  • Easy application
  • Easy maintenance
Jotun Jotafloor Sealer Logo
Floor coating

Jotafloor Sealer

Jotafloor Sealer has excellent penetration properties and seals a surface by levelling it as it enters all the pores.

  • Excellent penetration
  • Good adhesion
  • Low viscosity
Jotun Jotafloor Topcoat Logo
Floor coating

Jotafloor Topcoat

A high performance, two-component polyamide-cured epoxy coating, offering both durability and style.

  • Easy application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of colours

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