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Our commitment to a cleaner industry

The need to improve sustainability in the shipping industry is accelerating. The global industry must cut carbon emissions, protect marine biodiversity and leverage the use of data for smarter decision making. With nearly 100 years of experience of charting through unknown waters, Jotun is committed to continuously innovate and develop advanced products and solutions designed to protect biodiversity and cut carbon emissions to support global sustainability ambitions and achieve cleaner operations for all industry players. A clean hull ensures cleaner operations.

Increased vessel performance help reach sustainability goals

Cut carbon emissions

Biofouling is responsible for one fifth of the shipping industry’s total GHG emissions and its contribution is massively underestimated​. Protecting ships from biofouling would enable the industry to cut CO₂ emission by as much as 19%*. *Source: GloFouling report published in Oct 2022 (

Protect biodiversity

The world’s biodiversity is at risk from climate change, and the shipping industry is a major emitter of CO₂ as well as responsible for the transfer of aquatic invasive species. ​ Global transparent regulation will be a success factor to protect marine environments. ​

Preserve fuel

Protecting against biofouling will mean that the shipping community will spend less on fuel – shipping’s biggest expense representing as much as 50-60% of total operating expenditure ​ A clean hull ensure clean operations. ​Clean operations save fuel.

Clean Shipping Survey

Committed since 1926

Premium antifouling

With nearly 100 years’ experience and continuous investments in innovation, testing and development Jotun have an extensive track record with documented product performance.

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Data & digital services and solutions

Our leading data & digital scientists develop new solutions that enable smarter decisions - through transparent measuring, big data and inhouse algorithms paired with expert performance analysis.

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Advisory and expertise

With more than 1100 Certified Coatings Advisors and experts- we share insights and know-how from application, compliance to in-service performance.

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Disruptive innovation

Faced with challenges ahead we know that good is not enough, if better is possible. Therefore, we continuously invest in competence, R&D and solutions – we are committed to solve tomorrow’s challenges. 

A clean hull ensures cleaner operations

Documented effects

Regulatory compliance

Operational flexibility

Reduced vessel downtime

Industry alignment

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Sustainability in shipping industry

There is growing pressure for the maritime transportation industry to decarbonise and minimise its impact on the environment. At Jotun we know that a clean hull ensures cleaner operations. That is why we continuously develop solutions that enables our customers to optimise hull performance and cut emissions.

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