Jotun's business principles

Jotun wants to be perceived as a serious, dependable and long-term business partner.

We therefore:

  • Have high standards in business ethics and integrity.
  • Give customers' and Jotun's interests priority over personal gain and benefit; e.g. we do not mix Jotun’s business with any other business or those belonging to relatives or close friends.
  • Do not solicit or accept any benefits other than customary gifts and entertainment.
  • Meet customers with respect.
  • Treat suppliers impartially and fairly.
  • Meet and refer to competitors in a professional manner.
  • Offer high quality products and services as well as in all parts of business processes.
  • Have employees who act as Jotun ambassadors and who strive to maintain Jotun's reputation when engaged in both business and non-business activities.
  • Respect the culture of those countries in which we operate.



  • Jotun is a responsible and dependable company, and therefore meets public authorities and Non-Governmental Organisations in an appropriate and open manner.
  • Jotun does not make contributions to political candidates or political parties.


Fair trade and free competition

  • Jotun believes in fair trade and free competition which will facilitate a just distribution of goods and services.
  • Jotun aims for transparency and works actively against corruption and bribery.



Jotun believes in the dignity of each employee and in taking employees' interests seriously. We therefore:

  • Respect the UN Human Rights Declaration and ILO standards.
  • Provide high health and safety standards in our working environments at all sites and facilities and take appropriate steps to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Encourage constructive discussions without jeopardising the position of an individual.
  • Engage in negotiations in good faith if conflicts arise.
  • Facilitate communication with all employees to address areas of concern.
  • Respect the right of personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice.
  • Avoid discriminatory practices with regards to gender, age, race and religion.


Business operations

Jotun holds a high ethical standard in its daily business operations. Furthermore, Jotun wants transparency in operations. We therefore:

  • Respect laws and regulations of those countries in which we operate.
  • Ensure that transactions are correctly registered and supported by proper documentation in accordance with local and international accounting principles.
  • Do not reveal to any third party confidential information, including but not limited to technology, operating procedures, pricing, financial information, business and strategy plans, supplier and customer lists and customer information.
  • Adhere to and comply with Jotun standards and policies, e.g. with respect to Health, Safety and Environment, Corporate rules for protection of personal data, Finance, Communication, Human Resources, Chemicals, Site Security, Crisis Management, e-mail and internet policy.