A Jotun display in a paint shop
A Jotun display in a paint shop

The Jotun Multicolor story

With more than 9,300 installations in over 100 countries, Jotun's colour tinting system, Multicolor, has been a global leader in the field for decades. Launched in 1976, Multicolor represents a truly innovative step forward in Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings for customers, retailers and distributers alike.

Jotun’s automatic colour tinting machines are uniquely designed so retailers and distributers can mix thousands of custom colours for customers right there in the store and distribution centre. This ability to deliver the exact colour for customers quickly and easily is why Multicolor stands as an industry leader throughout the world.

Jotun colour fandeck

Best in colour selection

When it comes to choosing a colour for your project, good enough just isn’t good enough. That’s why Jotun’s colour selection tools are specially designed to ensure you get the right colour every time. Whether it’s our colour cards, take-home colour samples, or painted samples, these helpful tools are the preferred choice of designers and architects worldwide.

Our team of colour experts are there to assist you in finding the right colour combinations based on your specific taste and need. And because our colour selections are updated regularly, you can be assured of having access to the latest colour trends currently on the market.

As a part of our in-shop service, we offer fandecks and advanced colour measuring tools that can reproduce any desired colour quickly and easily.

Maxima multicolor center in Indonesia.

The highest quality and most accurate colour selection anywhere

Jotun offers the most accurate and best-looking colours on the market today. Our dedicated team of experts use only the latest and most innovative technology in colour design, colour technology, and colorants to ensure our colours are aesthetically captivating and durable.

In designing the ultimate colour, our team of aesthetic engineers rely on the latest pigments, their highly trained eye, and the most modern technology such as a spectrophotometer to make sure all Jotun products meet the highest quality standards. This means offering the best colour quality, the correct opacity, and weathering fastness for long-lasting performance.

Our unique and innovative colour production process can create more than 250,000 colours, and our quality control ensures they remain consistent – even when the light changes.

Jotun Multicolor manager in a paint shop.

Our easy-to-use tinting system

Central to the Jotun Multicolor concept is our unique tinting software, Jotun Colour Manager. This tinting software offers an intuitive touchscreen for a user-friendly navigation experience. With the help of this leading-edge platform, finding the exact colour for your home project has never been faster or easier.

The Jotun Colour Manager ensures our tinting systems are constantly updated with Jotun’s latest innovations of colours and products. In addition, with Jotun Global Network we do remote service and support, take backup and virus control.

To ensure the most reliable online service for our more than 9300 tinting machines, the Jotun Colour Management platform runs on the latest operating systems and security updates.

Inspirational multicolor shop.

Putting a modern face on the paint store

Success in today's rapidly changing business landscape requires expertise and the latest technology tools for staff and customers alike. Jotun's Multicolor systems and our line of in-store and behind the scenes cutting-edge technology make us a leader in the field when it comes to combining modern technology with professional expertise.

We strive to uphold this positive image by always putting our best face forward. This means ensuring our storefronts are always clean, tidy, and attractive to customers and business partners.

Bolster sales

Creating a positive first impression with our expertise and attractive storefronts is key for one very important reason – we want to turn first-time customers into regular customers. Our team of in-store experts and array of helpful selection tools can keep customers coming back for all their paint-related needs.

Maximise stock cost-efficiency

Jotun Multicolor knows that innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge over our competitors. Faster forecasting and more accurate planning mean a reduced need to buffer stock. This reduction in stock spending leads to immediate savings on borrowing interest, while the reduced gap between stocking and actual sales creates better cash flow.

Easier forecasting and ordering
By reducing the number of units, tasks such as stock forecasting can be done more accurately and with less effort.

Reduced forecasting and ordering
Fewer products also mean less segregation and physical space required. This creates immediate benefits such as less storage space, fewer errors, easier order processing and distribution and therefore more efficient staffing.

100 per cent reduction in slow-moving and obsolete stock
As colours are created by request only, it eliminates the occurrence of unsold obsolete stock. This means stores are never forced to stock potentially slow-moving colours at all.

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Scientist Andreas Løken at global paints and coatings company Jotun's main R&D Center in Sandefjord, Norway, performing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements in order to assess barrier properties of protective coatings. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke.

Great minds for groundbreaking solutions

Working in Jotun R&D is much more than white lab coats and protective glasses. Prepare to get your hands dirty and learn about a global growth company with vast career possibilities.

Signing of the collaboration contract between Jotun and NTNU

Driving change through collaboration

To share and develop knowledge, understanding and technology – as well as enable world leading and sustainable products and solutions – we join forces with academia and external partners.

Jotun's global R&D network strives to improve existing paints and coatings, and come up with new products and solutions. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke

Innovation – from idea to paint

At the forefront of innovation, our brilliant R&D minds work tirelessly to develop products, solutions and practices that help us move towards a more sustainable future.