Natural Green 8575

Art and Culture

Omani artist, photographer and art curator Sarah Farid, brings us stories of a fascinating world of colour and identity.

She is the founder and director of the Cure8 Art Gallery, with a strong interest in art and natural instincts for its market.

Sarah is fascinated by the Omani heritage and this has been her drive as an artist.

“I’m truly passionate about Omani art and cultural heritage”

Sarah Farid

Natural Green 8575

Nawaf Al Nassar


Mohammed Kazim

Burnt Ochre 1536


Curated Living

Sophisticated reds, gallery-style naturals, blue accents.

Naturally Grounded

Warm earth tones, muted greens, yellows and oranges

Serene Presence

Slow, soothing colours, soft pastels and healing greens

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