Maintenance in energy

The understanding of critical challenges is at the very heart of Jotun's core capabilities. With close to 100 years of innovative experience, we pride ourselves on combining dedicated expertise with high-performing protective coating technologies. Motivated by the toughest of conditions, we constantly seek to innovate and solve the problems that lie ahead. In close collaboration with our customers, this commitment has brought to life a unique range of expert coatings and solutions, tailored to protect onshore assets and ensure well-informed maintenance decisions.

Long-lasting steel protection supports safe and efficient operation

Support efficient operations

Support efficient operations

Discover how Jotun innovative coating technologies, expertise and proactive services can maximise operational uptime and flexibility, ensure prolonged equipment life and the overall reduction of maintenance costs.

Reduce hazards and risks

Reduce hazards and risks

Learn how Jotun’s high-performing corrosion protection, competence and support enables customers to make well-informed decisions and keep lives and property safe from harm.

Minimise environmental impact

Minimise environmental impact

Explore how Jotun’s long-lasting coatings can minimise future maintenance needs and ultimately reduce the environmental impact of energy facilities.


World-class coating experts

Motivated by the toughest of conditions

Fire protection

Proven fire protection

Explosions and hydrocarbon fire represent a serious hazard in oil and gas facilities. Jotachar uses leading technologies for easy application, while meeting international safety standards.

Unconditional steel protection

Unconditional steel protection

Since 1984 Jotamastic has delivered proven performance in unpredictable application conditions and challenging surface conditions.

Thermal control

Engineered thermal performance

Accidents and leaks due to corrosion and CUI is a threat to safety and operations on oil and gas facilities. Jotatemp products are designed to work with a variety of processing temperatures, keeping facilities safe and operational under challenging conditions.

Tank linings

Trusted tank linings

Protecting tanks and the contents are vital to keep operations safe and profitable. Our Tankguard brand have been delivering protection for the most aggressive conditions since 1956. ​

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Energy transition: why maintaining steel integrity has become critical

Corrosion, chemicals, heat and fire can cause major headaches for the energy sector which relies heavily on the integrity of steel components. In the first of a series of articles around the importance of maintaining steel integrity we examine the extent of the problem and identify the main areas of concern for onshore energy facilities.

Major expansion of Jotun’s Fire Protection Coating R&D facilities

Global paints and coatings manufacturer Jotun, one of the major providers of intumescent fire protection coatings for the infrastructure and energy industries, has announced the completion of major expansion of its Global Intumescent R&D Laboratory to advance new product innovation and technologies.

Svalbard test station

Proven all-climate intumescent hydrocarbon fire protection

Jotachar JF750 XT represents a step change in passive fire protection for oil, gas and energy industry assets. Developed using unique, patent pending technology to deliver exceptional performance when exposed to extreme environments, Jotachar JF750 XT delivers certified and proven all-climate performance.

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