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MegaCote can


MegaCote is an anticorrosive, phenalkamine-based epoxy primer for use on yacht substrates and areas.

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
Jotun Racing can


Advanced hard antifouling with good colour retention and no chalking.

  • Developed for speed boats (40+ knots)
  • Can be burnished for racing sail boats
  • Smooth finish
Jotun Mare Nostrum SP can

Mare Nostrum SP

Efficient self-polishing antifouling based on a unique binder combination system, ensuring an active surface.

  • Reduced leach layer
  • Full season performance
  • Can be applied over most other antifouling technologies
Jotun Aqualine Spray can

Aqualine Spray

Easy to use aerosol spray can designed for protection of drives and other light-metal components below the waterline.

  • Copper-oxide free
  • Full season performance
  • Slow polishing binder
Jotun Aqualine can


Efficient self-polishing antifouling, based on advanced hydrating binders, ensuring an active surface.

  • Copper-oxide free
  • Full season performance
  • Slow polishing binder
Jotun Yachting Antiskid can

Yachting Antiskid

A fine anti-skid mixture of polymer bead particles for effective slip-resistant finish.

  • Fine, anti-skid surface
  • Can be applied by spray
  • Compatible with any MegaGloss topcoat
Ravilakk Varnish can image

Ravilakk Varnish

This clear, high gloss boat varnish is easy to apply with good levelling and gloss retention.

  • Long lasting wood protection
  • UV filter
  • Good levelling properties
NonStop II can

NonStop II

NonStop II protects underwater yacht hulls from marine fouling.

  • Reliable performance
  • Service period up to 12 months
  • Full colour range
MegaPrimer HS can

MegaPrimer HS

A high solids, polyamide cured, epoxy coating with a smooth finish and excellent sanding properties.

  • No risk of pin holes
  • Sandable up to 5 months
  • Easy product handling
MegaGloss HG can

MegaGloss HG

An ultra premium, high solids topcoat with high-gloss finish and excellent Distinctness of Image.

  • Excellent gloss and colour retention
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • High solids - low VOC
MegaGloss AC can

MegaGloss AC

MegaGloss AC is an acrylic polyurethane topcoat with high-gloss finish and excellent gloss retention.

  • Excellent gloss and colour retention
  • Applicator friendly
  • Can be polished if required
MegaFiller Smooth can

MegaFiller Smooth

MegaFiller Smooth is a finishing filler with high tensile strength and excellent sanding properties.

  • Smooth finish
  • Good sanding properties
  • High tensile strength
MegaFiller Multi can

MegaFiller Multi

MegaFiller Multi is a multi-purpose, lightweight, flexible epoxy filler.

  • Multi-purpose
  • High tensile strength
  • Approved for pump mixing machine use
MegaFiller Deck can

MegaFiller Deck

MegaFiller Deck is an ultra-lightweight epoxy filler with exceptional adhesion and high flexibility.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • Easy to apply with relatively high thickness
MegaFiller can


An ultra-lightweight, two-component epoxy fairing filler for high film thickness application.

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to sand
Jotun YachtCare Cleaner packaging

YachtCare Cleaner

pH neutral and biodegradable, concentrated yacht cleaning detergent for all yacht external surfaces.

  • pH neutral
  • Biodegradable - compliant to MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5
  • Self air-drying and streak free
Jotun Yacht Varnish can

Yacht Varnish

High gloss, clear alkyd varnish.

  • Contains UV filters for long lasting wood protection
  • Proven long lasting performance
  • Very good levelling and gloss retention
Jotun TopGloss can


High gloss acrylic polyurethane topcoat with versatile application, for interior spaces.

  • Easy application with spray, roller or brush
  • Heat resistant up to 120°C
  • Easy to clean

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