Many Jotun employees standing together outside in a formation that spell Jotun
Many Jotun employees standing together outside in a formation that spell Jotun

Y/OUR life at Jotun

Jotun's company culture is based on four values: loyalty, care, respect, and boldness. Get to know the penguin spirit.

Our company values

Meet our employees

Game on at work

Greek engineer Eleni Boviatsi has a PlayStation setup as her workstation. Currently on a short-term assignment in Norway, she is playing with Jotun's greatest innovation.

Yasmine Eladly on stage with a microphone

Career boost in the Middle East

Jotun’s employees are encouraged to pursuit new careers within the company. For Yasmine (31) a short-term assignment sent her on a career boosting journey.

Stein Kjolberg at the golf course

Hit the American dream

Stein Kjølberg is one of many Jotun employees with various positions and countries under the belt. Now the Norwegian is packing his golf clubs and moving to the US.

Helle Vines Ertsas with the HullSkater

May revolutionise the industry

In her early Jotun career, Helle Vines Ertsas worked with competence development and internal training. Today, she is fully occupied with the company’s most complex innovation ever.

Verena Zeriul at an Italian shipyard

Breaking barriers at the shipyard

Being the only woman onboard is no problem for Technical Sales Support specialist Verena Zeriul in Jotun Italy. She appreciates the company’s investments in her training and development.

Emma McArthur

Living the American dream

Emma McArthur knew nothing about paint when she joined Jotun. Eight years later she finds herself in Houston, Texas, as part of a Jotun America that never has performed better.

Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun

Citizen of the world

Yi Huang’s willingness to embrace opportunities has led to a truly global career with Jotun.

Norunn Folsvik is not afraid of diving into new challenges

Leap of faith

Sometimes, taking big risks pays off. For Norunn Folsvik, trying something new sometimes means putting doubts aside.

Melvin Lee has a great career within Jotun

Embracing opportunity

Sandefjord may not share much in common with his birthplace in Malaysia, but for Melvin Lee, Norway is home – for now.

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