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Master the forces of nature

Maintenance free corrosion protection beyond 30 years

Key features

Maintenance free

Proven corrosion protection beyond 30 years

Highly durable

Glass flake reinforced polyester technology for immense strength

High performing

Protect steel in splash zone for the lifetime of the asset

Fast curing

Cut production time by up to 90%

Cost effective

Reduce lifecycle costs by up to 50%

Low VOC content

Reduce VOC emissions by up to 97%

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Maintenance free beyond 30 years

Maintenance free protection of offshore installations since the 1970s​

Baltoflake was applied on installations at the Norwegian continental shelf in the 1970s. Upon decommissioning a steel piece from the splash zone was inspected - Baltoflake still in excellent condition – without maintenance. An independent study by, DNV, the world’s leading classification society, has demonstrated that Jotun’s Baltoflake can provide 30+ years of maintenance - free steel protection in splash zones.

Download DNV report summary for Jotun Baltoflake
Jotun at ONS 2022

Baltoflake: A lesson in innovation

Featured products

Jotun Baltoflake Logo
Mechanically resistant coatings


Baltoflake is a high-build polyester coating with an outstanding track record.

  • Exceptional lifetime in extreme conditions
  • Close to 40 years real-life North Sea experience
  • Extremely fast curing
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Mechanically resistant coatings

Baltoflake Ecolife

Baltoflake Ecolife is a styrene-free, high-build polyester coating with exceptional lifetime.

  • Exceptional lifetime in extreme conditions
  • Styrene free
  • Extremely fast curing
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Anticorrosive primers

Baltoflake S2000

A fast-curing, abrasion-resistant barrier coating that provides superior corrosion protection.

  • Fast-curing barrier coating with strong abrasion resistance
  • High build

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