Proactive solution for fouling prevention launched

Jotun has unveiled Jotun Hull Skating Solutions, an innovative, proactive and sustainable means to help ship owners and operators maintain always clean hulls in the most challenging operations.

Jotun has joined forces with leading technology and shipping partners to develop Jotun Hull Skating Solutions, specifically designed to provide a proactive and sustainable approach to fouling control, a major point of focus among ship owners and operators globally.

A primary component of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is the ground-breaking, onboard Jotun HullSkater, the first robotic technology that has been purposely designed for proactive cleaning. In combination with the premium SeaQuantum Skate antifouling and a set of services, the Jotun Hull Skating Solutions will help ship operators combat early stages of fouling, significantly reduce fuel costs, CO₂ emissions and the spread of invasive species.

Alfie Ong, Vice President, Jotun Marine Coatings, said: “ Together with our partners, we have devised a truly innovative solution, which we believe will revolutionise the shipping industry, moving away from traditional, reactive methods of managing fouling to a proactive approach which will ensure that vessels are always operating efficiently and sustainably – and also conserve the ocean environment.”

“Biofouling is a big challenge for the shipping industry,” comments Geir Axel Oftedahl, Business Development Director, Jotun Marine Coatings. “It increases frictional resistance leading to speed loss and greater fuel consumption, while at the same time increasing the risk of the transfer of aquatic invasive species. It is a burden to the industry, and our planet, and demands decisive action.

“That was our starting point in the conception of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions – a desire to create a definitive solution to this pressing issue, one that wouldn’t just deal with the problem, but rather prevent it. That is what hull skating achieves,” adds Oftedahl.

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions will deliver an always clean hull and help ship operators combat early stage fouling, significantly reduce fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and the spread of invasive species. To put this in numbers: if all ships in challenging operations converted to Jotun Hull Skating Solutions, it would have a potential to reduce CO₂ emissions by at least 40 million tons per year – equal to the total Norwegian CO₂ emissions in 2018.

Oftedahl firmly believes the innovation is a landmark development for shipowners worldwide. “Vessels are often faced with unpredictable operations, with erratic idling periods and varied operational profiles that make the selection of antifouling problematic, even for the best coatings. And once fouling grows the impacts are immediate, and damaging, with poor hull and propeller performance accounting for around one tenth of the world fleet’s energy consumption. This can make a massive impact on any owner’s bottom line.”

To validate the innovative technology, Jotun is collaborating with technology specialists Kongsberg, Semcon, DNV GL, Telenor, as well as shipping companies Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Berge Bulk and Maersk.

“The marine business is growing increasingly complex and challenging, requiring new solutions through partnerships. This is a good example of how companies in the Norwegian maritime cluster, together with shipping majors, can work together to help the shipping industry move more sustainably into the future,” says Erik Risberg, Global Marketing Director, Jotun Marine Coatings.

For detailed information, check our our Hull Skating Solutions page or read the press release about Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

Partners in the development of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions include technology specialists Kongsberg, Semcon, DNV GL, Telenor, as well as shipping companies Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Berge Bulk and Maersk.

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