Jotun collaborates with Terravera to work towards sustainability

Jotun has been committed to protecting people, property, communities, and the environment and sees sustainability as an integral part of our business model. Building upon extensive research and development, as well as our GreenSteps programme, Jotun’s ambition is to innovate across the value chain to deliver more sustainable products and services of high quality, performance and durability.

Terravera represents an objective third party that enables validation of environmental impact and provide reliable data to customers. Through collaboration with Terravera, Jotun is expecting to document the contribution to sustainability parameters specifically environmental or carbon footprint, and thus can objectively and scientifically present its offerings in a relevant context that facilitates the customer dialogue.

For more information, please read the full version on Terravera's website.

Woman on rooftop of the Jotun factory in Oman

Sustainability at Jotun

We believe that paints and coatings play a key role in a sustainable future. ​We strive to act responsibly in everything we do, and protect property with a minimum environmental impact.

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