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Strong tertiary from Jotun

With new all-time high sales and earnings in the first tertiary of 2024, Jotun continues the strong momentum from last year.

Record year for Jotun

2023 was the best year ever for Jotun. Despite global challenges and conflicts, the paints and coatings manufacturer maintains its growth and investment plans.

Solid growth for Jotun

Jotun has increased both operating revenue and operating profit year to date. The paints manufacturer expects continued growth but sees significant uncertainties in the global markets.

Jotun supports aid in Libya

Libya suffers from devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 1 mill to support Red Cross/Red Crescent in the area.

Jotun donation to emergency aid in Morocco

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco September 8th, causing widespread devastation. Jotun has donated NOK 1 million to Red Cross/Red Crescent to emergency aid in the area.

Jotun donates emergency aid to Ukraine

The collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine is among the largest destructions of civil infrastructure since February 2022 and has major humanitarian consequences. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 2 mill to The Red Cross/Red Crescent and their emergency aid in the area.

Strong start to the year for Jotun

Sales income increased to NOK 10 389 million, while the operating result reached NOK 2 122 million for the first four months of the year. However, significant uncertainty persists in several key markets.

Eventful year for Jotun

Sandefjord, February 14, 2023: Jotun navigated well through a demanding 2022. Operating revenue came in at NOK 27 858 million and operating profit ended at NOK 3 737 million.

Strong growth, but lower margins for Jotun

Sandefjord, October 6, 2022: Jotun increased both operating revenue and operating profit year to date. However, the operating margin was challenged by high raw material prices and significant global unrest.

Jotun has donated NOK 1 mill to Pakistan aid

The flood in Pakistan is causing an enormous humanitarian crisis. Jotun has donated NOK 1 million to Red Cross/Red Crescent’s work in the country.

Jotun has decided to exit Russia

Jotun has sold its interests in Russia and leaves the country. The employees will keep their jobs in the company under a new owner.

Jotun to start paint production in Algeria

Jotun Group (Norway) and Med Investment Holding Spa (Algeria) concluded and executed a partnership agreement for producing Jotun paint and coatings in Algeria through a joint venture with Technover P.

Growth in uncertain times

Jotun increased its revenue by 14 per cent to NOK 8 459 million in the first four months of 2022. Record-high raw material prices weakened the operating profit compared to the same period last year.

Jotun suspends operations in Russia

Jotun is deeply concerned about the unfolding conflict in Ukraine. The paints and coatings company stands fully behind the international communities’ reaction to the situation.

Donation to Red Cross/Red Crescent in Ukraine

There is an urgent need for Humanitarian Support to the civilian population in the affected areas in Ukraine. Jotun has donated NOK 3 000 000 to Red Cross/Red Crescent’s humanitarian work in Ukraine.

Another good year for Jotun

Jotun recorded NOK 22 809 million in revenue in 2021, an 8 per cent increase from the year before. Operating profit for the year came in at NOK 3 138 million, the second highest in the company’s history.

Solid progress, but uncertain outlook

Jotun achieved record high revenues in the first eight months of 2021. Operating profit was NOK 2 496 million, but high raw material prices put pressure on the operating margin.

Study shows Jotun HPS gives 20% carbon cut

Study based on European Union MRV data reveals vessels using Jotun Hull Performance Solutions report 20% lower carbon intensity in operations.

The fire at Jotun September 15, 2021

A fire near Jotun’s binder factory, close to Group HQ in Sandefjord, Norway, caused no serious injuries.

Strong results in first four months of 2021

Jotun revenue is NOK 7 441 million and operating income NOK 1 469 million in first four months of the year. Sales and earnings at record levels for the period.

Price increase due to rise in raw material costs

Higher costs for critical raw materials, including epoxies, copper, zinc, polyester, emulsions, and titanium dioxide, necessitate price increases.

Strong results in an unusual year

Jotun had sales of NOK 21,070 million in 2020, an increase of seven per cent from 2019. Operating profit was NOK 3,489 million despite affects of coronavirus pandemic.

Sales up and results solid so far this year

In the first eight months of the year, Jotun achieved sales of NOK 13,916 million and posted a record operating profit of NOK 2,402 million.

HullSkater ups efficiency and cuts emissions

PRESS RELEASE: Jotun pioneering revolutionary Hull Skating Solutions with MSC to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

Strong result in challenging times

Jotun recorded sales of NOK 6 804 million and achieved an operating profit of NOK 1 065 million in the first four months of the year, despite impacts from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Jotun HullSkater transforms hull cleaning

PRESS RELEASE: Jotun launches Hull Skating Solutions (HSS), a break-through in proactive cleaning, offering shipowners always clean hulls in the most challenging operations.

Record sales and all-time high results

PRESS RELEASE: Jotun achieved new sales record of NOK 19,652 million in 2019. Operating profit of NOK 2,320 million is also Jotun’s best result ever.

Jotun renew joint venture with COSCO SHIPPING

PRESS RELEASE: Jotun A/S and COSCO SHIPPING International Hong Kong Ltd reinforce their commitment to one another by renewing their long-standing joint venture (JV) agreement.

Jotun wins Green4Sea Energy Efficiency Award

PRESS RELEASE: At Europort in 2019, Jotun won the Green4Sea Award for its work on improving vessel performance with marine coatings and antifouling solutions.

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