UASC ( South Korea - 2014 )

Jotun’s HPS (Hull Performance Solutions) system with advanced antifouling coatings boosts efficiency of UASC's new flagships.

  • Owner: United Arab Shipping Company (UASC)
  • Builder: Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Vessel type: Container vessel
  • Coatings: SeaQuantum X200
Jotun and UASC reached agreement on the provision of advanced antifouling coatings for eleven newbuild container vessels in 2014. The contract is part of UASC's ambitious USD 2.3 billion newbuilding programme. This agreement marks the first time Jotun and UASC have worked together on marine antifouling hull coatings.

Of the eleven vessels to be coated with Jotun's premium antifouling range, eight are 14,500 TEU and three are 18,800 TEU capacity vessels. Eight of them will be treated with Jotun’s proprietary Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) system, which combines top-of-the-line SeaQuantum X200 paint with advanced measurement technology. This solution will help UASC's vessels achieve up to a 15% hydrodynamic performance gain as well as fuel cost savings.

UASC, a leading global shipping company that has more than 12,000 customers globally, has committed itself to operate one of the world's youngest container fleets, with a strong focus on optimal efficiency and outstanding environmental standards. The new 14,500 TEU and 18,800 TEU vessels demonstrate this ambition, with cutting edge design and 'LNG ready' classification from DNV GL. Choosing Jotun’s antifouling solutions marks a further step on the path to optimum performance standards.
Our aim is to set new industry benchmarks for fuel economy and environmental performance. Antifouling products have a proven ability to keep hull surfaces smooth and clean under the water, which is critical to minimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions. We are focused on building a fleet of the most efficient container vessels in the market, and we believe Jotun's expertise can help us realise that vision.
Mohamed Zaitoun
Assistant Vice President New Building Technical Projects
UASC has evaluated the compelling nature of our advanced antifouling coatings in general, and the HPS system specifically, and is keen to trial it on eight of these flagship vessels. The combination of silyl methacrylate coating technology and a truly comprehensive measurement system, capturing high frequency performance data, delivers not just clean hulls and added efficiency – but also documented evidence of effectiveness. This helps owners clearly track fuel savings and hull performance, with the aim of providing a tangible return on investment.
Morten Sten Johansen
Regional Sales Director HPS - Asia