Petronas RGT2 pipeline ( Malaysia - 2016 )

Petronas RAPID Regasification Terminal 2 pipeline presented specific challenges in terms of adhesion and solvent– and chemical resistance. After evaluating several polyurethane topcoats, Petronas chose Jotun’s premium topcoat Hardtop AX.

  • Owner: Petronas
  • Contractor: FTI Group
  • Yard: Dialog fabrication yard, Pengerang
  • Object type: Pipeline
  • Dimensions: Length 70 km, Diameter 40’ and 20’
  • Coatings: Hardtop AX

Petronas RAPID Regasification Terminal 2 (RGT2) GRP pipelines coated with Hardtop AX

We are applying 2 coats of Hardtop AX with rollers on top of our GRP insulation. Both coats achieved the required thickness on each application. The opacity and gloss are excellent.
Kevin Hodges
Project Manager
FTI Group