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Seeking perfection by degrees: how our Thermosafe range was born

The evolution of Jotun’s Thermosafe range of protective coatings is a story that spans several years of research and development and represents a perfect synergy between our clients’ requirements and our on going drive to improve the technical quality of our products.
How utilizing coatings and coating systems can maximize your engineering design

In designing a plant, the less critical design choices are sometimes given lower priority, and coatings are often placed in this category. But if selected and used correctly, coatings can have a huge impact on a plant and bring positive outcomes you didn’t think were possible.
The Missing Piece: How to cleverly increase production, extend maintenance intervals and increase safety

How can paint and coatings affect the operations of a facility? In terms of production, there are a few direct effects. When we consider the impact it has on health and safety, and budgets, the necessity for any potential maintenance works to be undertaken during shut down, the time factor starts to influence the operational efficiency and profitability of the facility.

Jotun launches unique high temperature coating Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic for increasing demands of hydrocarbon processing industry


PRESS RELEASE: Jotun is setting a new standard in coatings for hydrocarbon processing facilities with the launch of Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic. This increased tolerance is tailor-made for an industry where a shift to higher temperature operations is helping optimise processing and productivity.