Webinar - Antifouling, efficiency and IMO 2020: Making the connection

With IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap emphasising emissions reduction, shipowners are looking at the role antifouling systems and the ability to measure performance improvements have in this. Jotun’s global concept director for hull performance solutions Stein Kjølberg shared his views on this subject in the recent ShipInsight webinar.

“Maximising fuel efficiency will be on the owner’s top priority going forward, and that is what links the antifouling, efficiency and IMO 2020 themes in the webinar because minimising fuel consumption is directly linked to ship performance and hull coatings play an obvious part in that,” pointed out Kjølberg, who also emphasised the importance of ISO 19030 to help owners make better decisions about matching antifouling systems to their specific vessels and trades. 

You can view a video of the webinar by clicking here.