Our fascination with furniture made of real wood, like Oak, Beech and Birch to name a few, is eternal. Their natural beauty and aesthetic elegance have mesmerised us for centuries and continues to do so. Designers craft some of their best work with natural wood while consumers adopt them into their lives in all shapes and sizes. From sumptuous coffee tables and dining tables to chairs, hangers and tool handles. But retaining the beauty of natural wood over longer periods of time is vital. Traditionally, a clear liquid paint has been used to provide that protection while maintaining the natural grain and appearance of the wood. But clear liquid paints and varnishes contain VOCs and solvents, which are harmful to the environment. And consumers and the industry alike have woken up to this reality and are embracing solutions that are not only sustainable but also improve the overall production processes.

Check out the brochure and find out how Ultra Light protects and preserves the beauty of natural wood.

Brochure - Ultra Lite