Solvent free chemical resistant novolac tank coating

Bottom area of crude oil storage tank

Wide film thickness range
With the versatility in film thickness you can easily apply in two-coat systems – typically 2 x 200 µm or one-coat systems – like 1 x 300 µm
Tankguard SF is easy to apply with standard airless spray – unlike many other solvent free epoxies. Other benefits are that there is no solvent entrapment and no shrinkage, and it has good pit filling capabilities.

Since Tankguard SF is a truly solvent free novolac tank lining, it can be used for single visit/wet-on-wet application. This means you can apply the second coat of a 2x 200 µm within 20 minutes of the first coat being applied. This allows you the benefits of a two coat tank lining system with the same cured for service time as a one coat system.