At Jotun, we know that today’s oil, gas, mining and water industries operate in some of the most severe conditions on earth. Naturally, you look for products that protect your pipelines over time and fulfil your project requirements. That’s why we have created Jotapipe AC - a versatile range of FBE powder coatings that offer you great anti-corrosion and performance capabilities. These fusion-bonded epoxy coatings and systems can withstand temperatures of up to 110°C and can be used as stand-alone single layer FBE coatings or as a component of multi-layer systems: dual-layer FBE or tri-layer polyolefin coating.

Understanding market realities and working closely with industry leaders allowed us to look to the future and has resulted in an improved version of our products that exceeds industry standards and expectations. Jotapipe AC 1003 XT is an FBE coating that maintains great flexibility after outdoor storage of coated pipes in hot climate before pipeline construction. This product is a fusion-bonded epoxy designed for stand-alone applications. It can be also used as a primer in dual-layer FBE and multi-layer polyolefin systems and as a girth weld coating for pipelines, spools and fittings operating at continuous temperatures up to 105 °C (221 °F). You can read more about Jotapipe AC 1003 XT here.

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Brochure - Jotapipe