Specially formulated to protect reinforcing steel, Jotaguard RB guards from corrosion caused by extreme weather conditions. Particularly in coastal environments and cold climates where de-icing with salts is required and creates a highly corrosive environment, Jotaguard RB prevents resulting damage of the reinforced concrete that can impact the structural integrity of a building.  

By incorporating Jotaguard RB into initial specifications, you increase the longevity of the structure and avoid significant financial loss in the future. 

Jotaguard RB is tested to ASTM A775 and is approved by a third party laboratory and it offers enhanced flexibility in compliance with ISO 14654 requirements. Fabrication and on-site handling of steel reinforcing bars coated with Jotaguard RB is covered by ASTM D3963 and ASTM A775. By following the appropriate standards and field handling techniques recommended by Epoxy Interest Group (EIG), damage to the bars is prevented and long-term protection is ensured.