Ultimate protection – whatever man and nature can throw at them

Baltoflake Ecolife is recommended for areas subject to extreme mechanical wear and harsh exposure conditions.
Fast cure
Baltoflake Ecolife cures so fast that you can walk on it only three hours after application. Perfect for painting in tidal zones where curing time is crucial.
Few coats
Spray up to 1500 microns in a single coat on a vertical steel surface without sagging.
Superior protection
Baltoflake Ecolife gives immense strength and protection against water, chemicals, solvents, abrasion or mechanical attack - outperforming traditional protection such as metallizing and epoxy coatings.
NORSOK pre-qualification
Baltoflake is pre-qualified in several NORSOK coating systems (System No. 1 and 7):

NORSOK Systems No 1
NORSOK Systems No 7