Facts about Pilot ACR

Reduces your application cost
  • Pilot ACR requires no mixing and has no pot life restrictions, which reduce time spent on preparation, waste, spillage and leftovers
  • Quick drying time enables you to use, move or store your painted object shortly after painting
Improves your productivity
  • Both quick drying and the possibility to save one coat, mean more output than what is obtainable with conventional, thin film acrylics or alkyds
  • Tested to perform well and cure fast even at minus 10˚C. In cold climates this means there is no limitation to the painting season, and you can reduce heating costs.
Reduces your maintenance cost
  • Time to first maintenance is increased as Pilot ACR offers very good gloss retention and can be used as a C3 system when overcoated by itself (acc. ISO 12944)