Penguard Universal – all-round, all-year

Multipurpose coating
  • Reduces the number of coatings needed 
  • Suitable for up to very high atmospheric corrosive environments and immersed 
  • All surfaces – steel, galvanised and aluminium
Well documented product with a wide range of certifications.  

Penguard Universal builds on Jotun’s accumulated universal primer expertise and has the advantages from the latest development in this coating technology; constituting an abrasion resistant, fully universal primer ideal for protecting new structures within industries ranging from onshore to offshore, above and below water. 

Flexible application
  • Flexible dry film thickness range (70 to 300μm)
  • For application down to -10°C
  • Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle
  • Good spreading rate
  • Low VOC