Paint system with Osmoshell

Recommended painting process for an osmosis treatment of a fibre glass hull.
  1. Cleaning: High pressure fresh water washing and degrease with BoatWash if necessary
  2. Preparation: Remove the existing paint and gelcoat completely and rinse the hull with fresh water (warm if possible) adding some abrasive material(*)
  3. Preparation: Let the hull dry (less than 1% water In the fibre glass), wash with fresh water every week
  4. Apply: Apply a first coat of Osmoshell with a smooth spatula to fill in all defects, hollows etc.
  5. Apply: 1.000 microns (1 mm) with Osmoshell by tooth and smooth spatula after surface preperation
  6. Apply: One coat of Finishing Filler** if necessary to achieve a smooth surface
  7. Apply: Antipest (1 coat)
  8. Apply: Antipest (2 coats)
Small osmosis damage may be repaired with Epoxy Repair.  

Osmoshell is a solvent-free epoxy coating, reinforced with glass flakes, giving a very high structural surface, being virtually waterproof. This is a curative coating system for hulls affected by osmosis.  
(*) If abrasive material cannot be used, coarse sanding with P40 – P80 dry paper is recommended in order to ensure the correct surface roughness and full adherence of the system.  
(**) Finishing Filler is recommended to obtain a smooth surface, as Osmoshell will leave certain roughness after application and should not be sanded to avoid film thickness reduction. Finishing Filler can be easily sanded to get a smooth surface.  
Moisture content of the hull has to be less than 1% before application of any coating.  

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If you suspect your boat to have osmosis, please contact your nearest professional repair yard for more a more  detailed consultation.