Choose the ideal antifouling

It is important to identify the ideal antifouling to fit with the existing paint system on the boat. There are three approaches to secure a correct choice: 

  1. If you know which antifouling is currently applied on the boat, follow the compatibility table below. 
  2. If the current antifouling is unknown, apply a sealing coat of Vinyl Primer prior to applying the antifouling. 
  3. If the current paint system is damaged, remove coat by coat until a complete and undamaged coat is identified. (paint or original substrate). Sand the substrate and apply primer according to the recommended paint system for that particular substrate prior to applying antifouling.
In order to choose the correct antifouling for your boat and usage, it is important to consider type of boat, usage frequency, geographical location, current antifouling and whether the boat is frequently transported by trailer. Also keep in mind environmental aspects and local regulations.

There are many different types of antifouling on the market, and they can be divided into two main groups:
  1. Self-polishing
    The biocide and the resin are dissolved in a predictable rate. As a result there is always a new fresh layer of antifouling in contact with the sea water keeping a regular leaching rate of the biocides throughout the whole service life of the product. All-round technology for most types of boats. Ideal for cruisers and sailing lovers.
  2. Hard
    The binder is insoluble, so the leaching rate of the biocide is not constant, and the performance of the product decreases progressively throughout the season. Especially suitable for speed boats. Abrasion resistant product. Easy to sand. May be polished to give a smooth surface.

Choose the ideal antifouling

Paint systems

On top of new substrates or completely paint free hulls:

Antifouling paint systems

Which product to use on old antifouling

On old paint systems: wash thoroughly with fresh water before you start. If the current antifouling is unknown, you need to apply a sealer coat of Vinyl Primer to ensure adhesion. If the already applied antifouling is known, please consult the compatibility chart below.

Which antifouling to use on old antifouling