Full universality
  • Can be used on all-round vessels including cargo holds, water ballast tanks, crude oil tanks, outside hull, superstructure
  • PSPC for water ballast tanks according to IMO Res. MSC 82 (215) 
  • PSPC for crude oil tanks according to IMO Res. MSC 288 (87)
  • When the approved BWTS systems are operated correctly and the active species’ concentration is not above 10 ppm, no detrimental effect on correctly applied and cured Jotacote Universal N10 is observed.
High productivity
  • Fast drying at low temperatures
  • Year round workability with one curing agent, down to -15°C
  • Good application on low profile and non-ferrous substrates
Long-term protection
  • Protect your asset with low life cycle cost
  • Ensure longevity service of water ballast tanks and cargo oil tanks