Growing interest in hull performance management


Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC) attracts high attendance of ship operators and industry representatives to discuss and share advances, challenges and opportunities in hull performance management.

Jotun and DNV GL representatives, seen here at Redworth Hall in Darlington, England.

The ongoing conference, co-organised by Jotun and DNV GL, is being held at the Redworth Hall in Darlington, England. It has attracted over 100 industry professionals and includes presentations and insights from leading experts and practitioners from around the globe.

“This is our third HullPIC and it’s encouraging to see the growing industry interest in performance management,” said Geir Axel Oftedahl, Business Development Director at Jotun Marine Coatings. “The adoption of performance monitoring is on the rise and it’s likely to continue as ship operators push to achieve performance improvements and meet the upcoming new environmental regulations.”

The three-day conference started off on the 12th March. It includes sessions on the ISO 19030 standard, operators sharing operational experiences, separating hull and propeller performance, vendor developments, on-board insight from Japan, game-changing robotics, fouling, changing ambient conditions and other technical subjects relating to vessel performance monitoring. See attached PDF for programme details.

HullPIC 2018 - programme details

In his opening address, Oftedahl focused on the ISO 19030 and its relevance as the standard approaches its first revision. “Some may argue that the standard is already past its expiration date. We, however, find the standard to be as relevant as ever and that, used in the right way, the standard can help serve to accelerate the development and uptake of new methods, especially in these times of rapid technological change.”

Volker Bertram at DNV GL commented, “The conference brings relevant stakeholders together to exchange experience in the maturing field of performance management, especially in light of the ISO 19030. Clearly, the familiarity of the standard is growing in the industry, helping to raise awareness of the importance of a standardised and transparent approach. Also, the conference will focus on technology and the wisdom that comes from hindsight, sharing experiences in the industry gathered over the past three years.”

The active exchange of knowledge and best practice between industry stakeholders has been key to the success of HullPIC, with the organisers, together with its supporting sponsors, working together to take a more proactive role in shaping next generation hull and propeller performance management.

Jotun will shortly publish a post-conference article, including a PDF showing the related papers.