Technical Service

To ensure optimum result of your coating investment, Jotun offers high quality and efficient technical service through a uniform standard across the globe.
Jotun’s technical service is first and foremost a team of more than 1,000 qualified coating advisors who carry out the main part of their jobs at site. They are educated through an extensive internal training programme called Team No.1, and the majority is certified to NACE or FROSIO. See “Training of Jotun personnel” on the Technical training page.

How may we service you?

The services we offer are:     

  • Professional coating advice for your paint project, wherever you are
    • Suggest the best solution and optimum work process for your project
    • Advice on application of specific products
    • Follow up all steps of the painting process
  • Survey and advice how to maintain your assets
  • Onsite or onboard training of your staff on how to maintain your assets
To get technical service or more details, contact your local Jotun office.

What do you need?

When you have chosen Jotun as your coating supplier for your project, we wish you to have a peace of mind and know that we deliver to your expectations. To ensure a high quality coating system the following factors are crucial: 

  • A good paint specification based on local application conditions, final exposure and expected lifetime
  • A project plan for the paint application to ensure a smooth project
  • A clear and detailed ITP (Inspection and Test Plan)
  • A trained applicator to carry out the surface preparation and paint application
  • A good QA and technical service team to ensure the specification is followed with the same quality throughout the project
The Technical Service team of coating advisors focuses on the execution of the project on site, while a team we call Technical Support makes the paint specification and a potential inspection- and test plan.

External factors may have an impact on how the coating system performs in the future, and poor paint work can lead to weakness in the paint film that may reduce the lifetime or lead to higher maintenance costs. Inspection of the paint procedure is therefore important, and to have a Jotun coating advisor on your project is a quality assurance for you as owner. 

The coating advisor will ensure that the paint is applied correctly and under the correct circumstances. Typical responsibilities for a coating advisor are to ensure that: 

  • Only valid specifications are used and adhered to
  • Surface preparation of the steel is correctly done, e.g. rounding of sharp edges, grinding of surface defects and removal of weld splatter
  • Paints and other consumables are used correctly, e.g. degreasers, thinners
  • Equipment for preparation and application is in good operating condition
  • Coatings are stored correctly
  • Preparation, ambient conditions, coating thickness and over-coating time are checked and the result documented according to the requirements
  • HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulations are adhered to
  • Tests and analyses are carried out in a correct way with calibrated and correct test equipment
  • Work, inspection and testing are documented and reported in an acceptable manner 
To get technical service or more details, contact your local Jotun office.

Technical Service - Role of the coating advisor