The Mirdif City Center shopping mall in Dubai – Jotun reference

City Centre Mirdif

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opened in March, 2010, City Centre Mirdif is a shopping mall located in the Mirdif residential area of Dubai. The walls of this mall have been coated with the Fenomastic Emulsion Matt for its washability and smooth, durable flat finish, and Fenomastic Hygiene Emulsion Matt for its low VOC. On the exterior, Jotashield Superdurable Silk gives the building protection against the sun’s destructive UV rays.

Products used:

  • Fenomastic Hygiene
  • Fenomastic Pure Colours
  • Jotashield SuperDurable
Jotun coatings were used to protect both the interior and exterior of Dubai's City Center Mirdif

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