Decorative paints

Jotun Decorative is a leading paint supplier to commercial buildings, public buildings and homes, serving both professionals and home owners, directly and through a substantial network of Jotun Multicolor centres.

Highlights 2017

Jotun manages the sale of interior and exterior paints to both consumers and professional contractors with a global network of about 8 000 dealer shops in 37 different countries, all over the world. In 2017, Jotun achieved positive growth in all markets. 

In South East Asia, where the company saw double digit growth in 2017, Jotun continues to find success with the premium interior range, Majestic, recording excellent growth with Majestic True Beauty Sheen and Majestic Perfect Beauty and Care. In the Middle East, India and Africa, Jotun saw strong growth in sales of interior products, such as Fenomastic Wonderwall, and specialised exterior products, such as Jotashield Décor, Jotashield Textures and Jotashield Colour Xtreme. Despite challenging markets, Jotun outperformed its competition in Turkey. In Scandinavia, the company saw double digit growth in the interior segments, supported by the successful 2017 relaunch of Lady Pure Color. 

Over the past five years, Jotun has focused on improving the shopping experience for consumers and supporting dealers through a systematic approach to marketing. This work includes providing dealers with tools to upgrade shops, training programmes for shop sales staff, and investing in global television commercials and targeted social media campaigns. Jotun is also working more closely with architects, interior designers and developers to raise awareness for the Jotun brand. In 2017, Jotun launched its fifth annual Global Colour Trends in more than 30 different countries.