At Jotun, we know that in today’s world of appliances and furniture, designers push their creative visions to create art in our living and working spaces. Because consumers increasingly demand the trendy and the now. Which is why we have created Jotun Reveal Edge – a unique range of powder coatings with special colours and metallic effects that add personality and emotion to your products.

Jotun Reveal Edge is an ideal coating finish for all kinds of furniture, appliances and general every day equipment. From shop fittings to fitness equipment, to power tools, cabinets, safes, steel doors, toasters, and coffee machines, there’s a Reveal Edge powder coating that can meet your specific requirement. And with various curing and mileage options, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your products with greater efficiency. Reveal Edge is your creative springboard to unleash a world of iconic pieces.

Download our brochure to know more about our colours, collections and how you can transform your design visions into art.

Brochure - Reveal Edge