There is increasing pressure in the engineered wood industry to adopt new, efficient systems that will maximise productivity. Manufacturers of interior furniture and fittings including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, are seeking more effective ways to increase output, save time and reduce the number of coats needed to finish their products - while meeting the demanding standards that customers expect. However, traditional coating methods such as liquid paints often prove challenging to optimise. Maintaining your competitive advantage requires change. Businesses that thrive have adapted to it, and are capitalising on operational efficiencies that have not only improved the quality of their output, but their bottom line as well. 

At Jotun, we want to offer you products that will help your business thrive. That’s why we’ve created Primax Excel - a one-coat powder coating primer solution for MDF and HDF that will save you time and money with the performance to make your products last. Using Primax Excel as your primer coat will give you all the benefits of a powder coating and replace unnecessary layers of liquid paint. At the same time, it can be over-coated easily with a variety of liquid top coats to deliver the finish you’re looking for. From kitchen and bathroom cabinets and doors to home and office furniture and interior fittings, applying Primax Excel will help your products look as they are intended to look, for longer.

Download our brochure to know more about how you can bring your creative visions to life.

Brochure - Primax Excel

Watch the video below to see Tom demonstrate the benefits of using Primax Excel on your Engineered Wood (such as MDF) products.