2 technical support specialists in tank area
2 technical support specialists in tank area

Technical information

Product resistance guides

Chemical resistance list

Our product resistance list for the Tankguard range provides guidance on the compatibility of the tank linings with chemicals stored in onshore storage tanks.

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Product resistance list

Jotun's product resistance list for marine coatings provides guidance on the compatibility of Tankguard coatings with cargoes carried in the marine bulk liquid trade.

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Jotun's NORSOK-documented coating systems

Coating system no. 1

Carbon steel with maximum operating temperature < 120°C. – Structural steel. – Exteriors of equipment, vessels, piping and valves (not insulated).

Coating system no. 2

Carbon steel with operating temperature > 120°C. – All insulated surfaces of tanks, vessels, piping. – Flare booms and crane booms. Optional: Underside of bottom deck including piping, jacket above splash zone, lifeboat stations.

Coating system no. 7

Carbon steel and stainless steel - Splash zone - Submerged ≤ 50ºC - Submerged > 50ºC

Coating system no. 8

Structural carbon steel with operating temperature ≤80°C in internal and fully dry and ventilated areas.

Coating system no. 9

Bulk-supplied carbon steel valves with operating temperature up to 150°C.

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