TankFast hero - The industry just got quicker
TankFast hero - The industry just got quicker

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A crude oil tank – Jotun

Crude oil tanks

Returning a crude oil tank to service after two days instead of a week means you can refine more than 300 million additional litres of crude oil.

A petrochemical tank – Jotun

Petrochemical tanks

Choosing products that can be applied wet-on-wet means you can return your petrochemical tanks to service at least 30% faster.

A chemical tank – Jotun

Chemical tanks

By post-curing your chemical tank lining, you can return the tank to service in hours, not days.

Solvents and blend tanks – Jotun

Solvent and blend tanks

Using tank linings that contain zinc silicates can reduce your return to service time by 60% compared with using epoxy linings.

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