Jotun offices, Houston, Texas, USA
Jotun offices, Houston, Texas, USA

Restructure of Jotun Paints Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Houston - Jotun has decided to restructure its business in the US. The new set-up will ensure that customers are served fast and accurately, by improved logistics and products especially developed for the US market.

The change in company set-up in Texas and Louisiana entails that the production site in Belle Chasse, Louisiana will be closed. Jotun Paints Inc. will be headquartered in Houston, Texas, serving current and future customers in the United States. Products will be supplied from Jotun factories overseas, while product development remains in the US.

“We look forward to offering a product assortment optimized for the US market to better serve our customers’ needs. Our new agile organisation will also offer improved delivery service”, says Bjoern Wallentin, President of Jotun Paints Inc.

Jotun Paints Inc has over time struggled with cost, and the restructuring of the company will support Jotun’s future growth ambitions in the US.

“Jotun’s team of dedicated chemists continue to develop new products especially tailored to serve market needs in the US. This, together with improved network distribution and ability to deliver on time in full, our ambition is to create new growth and increase both sales and market shares”, says Bjoern Wallentin. Approximately 65 employees will remain employed by Jotun Paints Inc.

“We are sincerely grateful for the efforts put down by all our US employees, many of who will remain employed throughout the US. Those who will be made redundant due to the closing of the site in Belle Chasse will be offered financial support as well as assistance to find new employment”, says Bjørn Wallentin.

For further information:

Bjoern Wallentin,
President of Jotun Paints Inc.
Mobile: (504) 330 6385.

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