Primers and undercoats

A perfect paint finish is the result of careful surface preparation. Regardless of whether the surface is new or previously painted, Jotun’s primers and undercoats will secure a perfect foundation for the topcoat. The key is a consistent use of Jotun’s systems.

A primer is a product developed to provide adhesion to the substrate to be painted, while undercoat is a link layer between the primer and the finishing coats (whether antifouling or topcoat). They can be either one component or two component products.

There are several Jotun Yachting primers that can be used on any part of the boat. The difference between them is the degree of hardness, their waterproofing properties, adhesion properties to different substrates, anti corrosive properties, ease of application and volume solids/high build properties. The choice of product will have an effect on the paint system’s long term durability.