Coating solutions dedicated to FPUs

Modern technology has developed various innovative types of floating units for oil and gas production, such as storage and offloading: FPSO, FSO, LNG-FPSO and Semi-sub production platforms.  As the floating production factory operating offshore, FPU requires high standards of protective coatings to secure the best practice on efficiency, reliability and HSE. 

To maintain long-term safe and profitable operations, floating production units rely on the coatings to overcome various challenges.  Utilise the leading coating solutions developed to cover the needs of floating production units:


FPUs operate in static conditions - in most cases for the whole lifetime - which brings significant challenges to the owner and operator at various aspects.  Fouling not only reduces the lifetime of underwater protective coatings, but also obstructs underwater inspection and reduces the payload of the floating unit. In some extreme cases, the FPU is forced to unexpected docking at daily loss of millions dollars due to downtime.  SeaQuantum Ultra S and SeaLion Resilient antifouling coatings are well qualified for these challenging conditions.

Crude oil tanks

Crude oil abstracted from offshore oil fields normally contains high level of water, acid and other corrosive chemicals.  In addition the oil may be very hot when pumped into the crude oil tank.  The tank lining should handle both chemicals and high temperatures to ensure continuous production of the FPU, and to avoid interruptions caused by coating failures in crude and slop tanks.

Fire protection

Safety is always of top priority for all types of offshore installations, including FPUs.  Processing and storage of hydrocarbon on board the crowded FPU involves high risk of fire, thus the most reliable passive fire protection (PFP) towards hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire is essential.  In addition to performance and liability, application efficiency is critical.  When billions of capital expenditures are invested in offshore oil & gas production, a PFP that enables simplified and efficient application will save valuable time and cost for both the owner and fabricator.

Temperature management

A Floating Production Unit is actually an offshore oil & gas production plant consisting of pipes and valves working at extreme temperatures. Cold splash from LNG will cool steel down to -190ºC, while some pipes and valves work at temperature of 600ºC.  This represents a severe challenge to coatings in protecting structural integrity and functionality.  Jotun provides a total temperature management solution to achieve maximum safety and environmental security for FPUs.