Let your design vision stay impactful - year after year

Using metallic finishes on a building project can add dimension and emphasize the design. However – if the finishes fade or loose sparkle – it can have the opposite effect, and damage the design vision. 

Enter Jotun Hardtop Design Metallics collection - combining extraordinary sparkling metallic finishes with superior durability, that withstands direct sunlight for years on end.

The collection consists of 10 carefully selected, sparkling metallic coatings for indoor and outdoor use and is tested according to ISO 16474-2 with excellent colour and gloss retention. It also meets requirements for ISO 12944, corrosion class C5-High as part of selected coating systems.

Hardtop Design Metallics collection is compatible with most SteelMaster products – giving you the fire protection you need without compromising on design or safety.