Clean Shipping Survey

Almost two thirds (59%) of the shipping industry underestimate the negative environmental impacts of biofouling, with as much as 1 in 4 claiming to know little about the issue, our new report has found. Maritime transportation is responsible for 3% of the world’s total Green House Gas emissions and the industry must take urgent action. Treating biofouling is an easy first step to cutting emissions. If vessels operate with a clean hull free from biofouling, CO₂ emissions could be slashed by a fifth and fuel spend reduced by 19%. Our Clean Shipping Survey takes a deep dive into the shipping industry’s knowledge of biofouling on ships’ hulls, the technologies available to manage it, and whether international regulations play a part in developing a response to the issue. The survey of shipping professionals, conducted by Lloyd’s List, follows on from the recent GloFouling report published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and shows that most industry leaders underestimate biofouling’s negative environmental impact. Jotun is committed to decarbonising the world’s shipping industry and Charting the Course to help realise clean shipping ambitions. The goal is to make fleets around the world more energy and operationally efficient at a time when the entire industry is grappling with new regulatory measures.

Clean Shipping Survey Report

Download the short version report to read how we can foster a cleaner and greener maritime sector which will meet the IMO’s ambitious decarbonisation targets. If you want the full report, please reach out to your Jotun contact.

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