Reduction of hazardous materials

Jotun is actively working internally and with industry peers and raw material suppliers to reduce the concentration and quantity of hazardous substances in our products

The key objective is that:
  • Hazardous raw materials are to be replaced by less hazardous alternatives. New raw materials must not reduce products' overall safety, health and environmental properties.
While working to reduce and replace the number and quantity of hazardous substances, Jotun shall ensure that high product quality and reliability standards continue to be met.

REACH is the new chemical regulation in the EU and EEA, shifting responsibility for risk assessment and registration of chemicals to industry, and is to be completed by 2018.

Jotun has carried out a research project together with suppliers, customers, universities and research institutes, financed by the Research Council of Norway, and taken an active part in the regulatory process in the EU.

Jotun is working actively to contribute to good REACH solutions and easy-to-use customer information that will enhance safe use.

Jotun recognises sustainability as a long-term competitive advantage.

Less hazardous materials

“Substitution principle”
- Hazardous raw materials are to be replaced by less hazardous alternatives maintaining same quality

Jotun is working actively
- to develop easy-to-use customer information that will enhance safe use
- through international org. (like CEPE) to reach world wide bans of toxic materials 

Chemical policy in Jotun

Hazardous chemicals banned by Jotun the past 10 years (even if not restricted by legislation)

  • Paint odor eliminators
  • Endocrine disrupting alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxilates
  • Carcinogenic aromatic amines
  • Reprotoxic phthalates
  • Possible carcinogenic carbon nanotubes
  • Carcinogenic coal tars
  • Flakes/granulates containing more than 5% acid anhydrides or powders containing more than 0.5% acid anhydrides

Phased out products:

  • Various Chemline  EP hardener products
  • Jotaform hardener
  • Jotaguard Special 70 and 90 
  • Jotaguard 85 (containing coal tar)
  • Safeguard
  • Navitar