History of Jotun in Singapore

Since the establishment of Jotun Singapore in 1971, it has held a central position in creating a worldwide platform for Jotun. It started with the marine coatings business, and soon, Singapore became a hub in Jotun’s global network.
Protective coatings and decorative paints then became part of the operation in Singapore. Due to Singapore’s central location, the number of international shipping developments grew and the company flourished. Jotun eventually bought a prefabricated building at 11 Sixth Lok Yang Road, Jurong. With this production facility, Jotun started to supply paints not only to Norwegian-owned vessels, but to ship owners locally and from neighbouring countries ans well.
In 1993, Jotun NOF (Singapore) Pte Ltd received the first SISIR ISO 9002 certificate awarded to a paint manufacturer, in recognition of the company’s excellence in technical services and cathodic protection.

Jotun Singapore's Sales-Service-Logistics & Training Centre

March 29, 2011 marked the commencement of Jotun’s new Sales-Service-Logistics & Training Centre located at 37 Tuas View Crescent, Singapore.
$24.6 million was invested to develop the architecture, design, construction and a “Total Transparency” concept for the new building which covers about 12,000 m2 of land. The “Total Transparency” concept is purposed to promote a healthy working environment and advocating open communication within.
Jotun Singapore has grown as a company and a family since its establishment in 1971 and has since been constantly delivering. Jotun Singapore prides itself for being the preferred supplier of marine paints due to Singapore’s geographical location and efficient service.