Dinosaurs & Lollipops

Thousands and thousands of years ago, there was a purple dinosaur who lived all by himself in a big, beautiful garden. In that garden, there was a giant yellow tree that grew marshmallows in every colour. And it was lovely. But one day, it started growing lollipops. And that made the dinosaur very, very happy because he loved lollipops more than anything else in this world. His favourite was peach and pink and he could never stop at one. He was a bit greedy. He ate so many lollipops at the same time his stomach started to hurt. But the doctor arrived and made him feel better. And so, the dinosaur lived happily ever after eating lollipops all his life.

A warm, wild and dreamy palette of purples, peaches and pinks. Inspired by the little girl who believes in magical lands, dreams of dinosaurs and secretly wishes she was a princess to rule them all.