Грузовое судно Cosco Europe ( Китай - Ноябрь 2012 )

COSCO Europe - контейнеровоз с вместимостью 10,000 TEU, принадлежащий компании COSCO Container.

COSCO Europe - 10,000 TEU container ship owned and operated by COSCO Container

Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions combine our top of the range SeaQuantum X200 antifouling paint with state-of-the-art application technologies, reliable performance measurements and high performance guarantees. On COSCO Europe, the solution is expected to deliver a USD 7.5 million fuel cost saving and a 36,000 ton carbon emission reduction over 5 years.  

COSCO Container is a part of the COSCO Group that currently owns and operates over 800 modern merchant vessels with a total tonnage of more than 56 million DWTs and an annual carrying capacity of more than 400 million tons. COSCO Group was the first Chinese enterprise to sign the United Nations’ Global Compact Initiative.