Powder coatings

Jotun Powder Coatings is a leading supplier to companies active in industries related to appliances, furniture, architecture, pipelines and general industries.

Highlights 2018

Meeting customer needs

With the launch of innovative powder coatings solutions, Jotun anticipates improved performance in the years ahead.

In 2018, Jotun’s growth in the Powder Coatings segment was slowed by challenging conditions in some key markets. Economic slowdowns in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, had a high impact on overall volumes. Currency volatility in Turkey led to a more careful approach and a drop in volumes. Stagnant market conditions in Malaysia and Thailand also impacted sales growth in 2018. Jotun performed better in higher growth markets such as India and Indonesia. There was also rapid growth in Russia, supported by increased activity in domestic manufacturing.

Product innovations
In 2018, Jotun launched several breakthrough innovations that have the potential to expand the powder market significantly. For furniture manufacturers, the company launched a range of single coat powder coating solutions for engineered and natural wood, an entirely new application area for the powder coatings industry. Jotun also introduced a powder coating solution for diamond cut or machined alloy wheels, and a superior durability solution for electrical and control cabinets used in demanding service conditions. For manufacturers of appliances, Jotun now offers a high performance, thin film range of metallic powder coatings.

While Jotun has raised prices to keep pace with high raw material costs, the company continues to work to differentiate itself from competitors by adding value to customers through dedicated service and support teams, consisting of sales, technical service and R&D. Jotun teams work with customers across all product areas to ensure that the customer’s application lines operate in the most efficient way.

Differentiating through service value
Looking ahead, Jotun has also identified demand for faster, more responsive service in all areas of the business. In addition to understanding the business needs of both applicators and end users, Jotun is working to raise the company’s service level, from supply chain management to colour matching, product customisation services to reducing the lead time for delivery of both products and services. The company’s focus on improved response times, tailored solutions, new applications and premium products will help achieve better results in the coming years.