Powder School

One of Jotun's fundamental values is Care. And we care that our customers understand our products fully and are able to get the most out of them. With this in mind, we have relaunched our Powder School programme to help cater to our customer needs more effectively. 


The Jotun Powder School has over the past 15 years been actively providing a series of training programs to its many customers, educating them on application techniques and new trends in the powder coating industry.

Bahrain Aluminum Extrusion Company B.S.C
Garry Martin - Plant Executive Manager

"Going through the Powder School training set up by Jotun was a fantastic experience for us. Not only did we benefit from being trained by very experienced professionals we also managed to improve our line efficiency. Jotun proved that they are well versed with the role of our company in the industry and provided us with a different perspective."

Emirates Extrusion Factory LLC
Said El Hilali - Plant Manager
"We would like to thank Jotun for the powder coating school program. It was really beneficial and informative. We hope that you organise this interesting program regularly for the benefit of our employees."

Eaton Elektrotechnica s.r.o.
Vladimír Kecek - Technologist Powder Paint Shop
"We appreciate selection of topics which was focused on issues of coating process and powder paint shops. The seminar was not only theoretical, but also covering different problems, which usually appear in powder paint shops. I would like to highlight high professional level of the presenters and the presentation materials."

Jagadeesh Kadri - Production Manager
"We are very thankful to Jotun for the information provided to our powder coating team through the Jotun Powder School. This will help us to improve the coating quality further."

Piak Rayong Off Road Co.LTD
Boontham Kamlangrew - Production Manager, Powder Coatings
"I would like to thank Jotun and their coating experts who arranged the Powder School training sessions at our factory. These sessions helped us understand the entire process from manufacturing to the pre-treatment process and also get hands on experience in problem solving while improving our line and product process. The Powder School program with Jotun was a fantastic experience for our staff with excellent benefits."