From idea to paint

Through advanced Research and Development (R&D) Jotun as a company are continuously working to improve existing technology, explore new technology and move towards a more green future.

Some of our key working areas across all R&D functions:

  • Green innovation - solvent free / water borne products
  • Increase operational efficiency - streamlining
  • Improve product portfolio
  • Stay ahead of competition

We are divided into several R&D areas:

  • Performance coatings - Antifouling
  • Performance coatings - Anticorrosive
  • Performance coatings - Powder coatings
  • Decorative coatings - Interior
  • Decorative coatings - Exterior
  • Binder technology research
  • Analytical research
  • Multicolor

For the Multicolor area:

Colour technology

  • Colour formulation maintenance and developments
  • Colour matching
  • Instant In-shop matching
  • Pigment approval
  • Worldwide support
  • Marketing material (e.g. in-shop material, colour swatch fans, colour panels etc.)

Colorant technology

  • Maintenance and development of colorants and slurries
  • Raw material approvals
  • Worldwide support