Innowacje i rozwój produktów w Jotun

Jotun ma długą historię opracowywania i wytwarzania wysokiej jakości, efektywnych kosztowo i przyjaznych dla środowiska produktów i usług.

Innovation and product development are prioritised throughout the company to create value for our customers and to protect their property. Investments in Research and Development (R&D) are increasing and there is a long term commitment to invest in innovation and product development.

Our R&D centre is located in Sandefjord Norway, and around 200 people are working in R&D on a daily basis.

To ensure closeness to customers and markets, we also have several regional laboratories. This enables us to address global customer needs, but also meet local specifications or special requirements in markets where we are present.

Jotun has implemented a systematic approach to innovation. New products are followed closely from idea to market launch in order to secure quality and management involvement in important product decisions.