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Tankguard Plus

Tankguard Plus is a two component novolac epoxy tank coating. It is a specially designed tank lining with excellent chemical resistance, and is cured for service in only five days. Tankguard Plus is specially well suited for all grades of crude oils.

Tankguard SF

Tankguard SF is a solvent free novolac epoxy tank lining. The possibility for wet-on-wet application makes Tankguard SF the fastest back to service novolac tank lining. Tankguard SF has good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, such as crude oil up to 140°C and clean petroleum products and very good resistance to inorganic acids. It can be applied in film thickness down to 150 µm and up to 500 µm.

Chemflake Special 

Chemflake Special is a glass flake reinforced unsaturated vinyl ester coating. It is an ultra high build, extremely chemical resistant and fast curing barrier coating. Also suitable in combination with glass fibre matts.

Tankguard Zinc

Tankguard Zinc is an inorganic zinc silicate tank coating. It has excellent resistance against solvents – including methanol. It is also suitable for potable water/drinking water. Tankguard Zinc is used as a single coat system only. It complies with ASTM D520 type II zinc dust.
Tankguard Storage

Tankguard Storage is a two component phenolic/novolac epoxy coating. It is a specially designed tank lining with excellent chemical resistance. Clean petroleum product and crude oil tanks coated with Tankguard Storage can return to service within 48 hours.