Global Trends 2018

All of us move to our own beat – a rhythm that influences how we live, the choices we make and the way we look at the world. This collection is our response for the changing trends we see in the world around us – three distinct rhythms for the contemporary home.

Colour defines our style and shapes the rhythm of our lives. Colour, uniquely, has the power to change our mood with the subtlest shift in tone.

Today, perhaps more than ever, we seek to create a sense of harmony in our homes – to shape a safe, comforting space to retreat to when we need to rest and rejuvenate.

In the following pages we have put together three colour groups to illustrate the breadth of interior styles that Jotun can help create – but ultimately, what you do with these colours is up to you. Style your home with contrasts, or create a seamless colours journey through a single family of shades – you know best what environment you thrive in. After all, it's your life. Make sure you live it in your colours.  

Lisbeth Larsen
Jotun Global Colour Manager

Rhythm of Life